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Update on Selective Licensing

Posted by Tomlinson Estates 03 October 2017 at 09:25

Update on Selective Licensing

In May's Newsletter we outlined Nottingham City Council's proposals to require every single rented property in the city to be licensed at an approximate cost of £500 per property for a 5 year license. The Council since conducted a consultation exercise, and last week met to discuss the findings.

On July 18th the Executive Board of Nottingham City Council voted to approve a revised selected licensing scheme, not greatly dissimilar to the original.

The revisions slightly reduce the area covered by the scheme (from 35,000 homes to 32,000), removing some areas of Wollaton, Rise Park, Bestwood, Bilborough and South Clifton. These areas contain more social housing which the Council considered already regulated enough. Properties in all other areas of the city will still require a license.

The revisions also reduce the cost of a license for landlords who are already members of an accreditation scheme (DASH or UNIPOL) to £400. The proposed cost for non-accredited landlords will be £655.

Because the proposed scheme still covers more than 20% of homes and more than 20% of the city geographically, it must still receive approval from the Secretary of State before it can be implemented.

We will keep you updated on future developments - you can read the full report of the meeting of the Executive Board here.