These are important documents so if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

These are important documents so if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. This can be viewed here:

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Where available you can take advantage of our bills inclusive option, or you can choose to pay for utilities independently.

Some of our landlords offer a ‘bills inclusive’ option, allowing you to avoid the hassle of reading meters, dividing bills fairly between the household and liaising with utility providers. The landlord pays for your gas, electric and water directly to the utility providers, and you pay a small fixed addition to your weekly rent. This is subject to a fair usage policy and does not include broadband services or a TV license, which are for tenants to purchase separately should they wish to.

Alternatively you can elect to set up an account directly with each utility provider and pay the suppliers monthly for your usage. Under this option please remember that you must read your meters immediately upon commencing your tenancy and supply us and the providers with the readings and date. Likewise at the end of the tenancy you must supply us and the providers with your final meter readings, and provide us with evidence that your final bills have been paid on each account, before your deposit can be returned.

Your deposit

The deposit required is usually £250 per person.

We take a deposit at the time of signing your tenancy agreement, which is refundable at the end of your tenancy providing that you have complied with the terms of your agreement, such as paying your rent and utility bills up to date and leaving the property in a clean and undamaged condition. Your deposit is protected by an independent third party the Tenancy Deposit Scheme, which governs what deductions can be made from deposits and mediates in the event of a dispute. For more information, click here.

Your agency fee

Our fees are fixed, transparent and kept lower than our competitors.

For students, the agency fee is a one-off £120.

This is taken at the time of signing the contract and is to pay for the costs of drawing up and processing your tenancy agreement, guarantor form and standing order form, and of registering your deposit with the Tenancy Deposit Scheme. It is the only fee charged to the tenant for establishing the tenancy, and is inclusive of VAT.

As part of our ‘student service’, our tenants also receive a complementary handbook to support them through every aspect of their tenancy, and our friendly team are available online, by phone and in person to offer help and advice year-round.

For professionals, where credit checks and tenant references are sought in place of guarantors, the agency fee for a 1-bedroom property is £120 and for a 2+ bedroom professional let is £180 per property.

Your deposit

Because most student tenants have little or no credit history or renting history, we cannot take credit checks or tenant references as assurance for their landlord that they will pay their rent. Instead we ask tenants to find someone – usually a parent or guardian – to ‘guarantee’ their rent. This person is entering into a legal agreement that should the tenant default on their rent, they will pay the rent due to the landlord for the term of the tenancy on the tenant’s behalf. This is standard practice across the industry for rentals to students and to those with little or poor credit history.

The guarantor form must be signed in the presence of a witness and the original copy returned to us, along with a proof of the guarantor’s address.

Please note that we can only accept as a guarantor persons who are resident in the UK. If you do not have someone in the UK who is willing to act as your guarantor, you can pay your final term’s rent instalment up front in lieu of a signed Deed of Guarantee and Indemnity.

Standing order for rent payments

Most tenants pay their rent by standing order. For students, rent due dates are timed to coincide with student loan dates for your convenience. We ask that you set up your standing order in advance, to help tenants avoid late payments and the possibility of incurring charges.

I.D. required

We must receive a copy of your photo ID (Passport) to complete your application for a tenancy. You must also present your photo ID when collecting your keys at the beginning of your tenancy.

In the mean time you can contact us if you need any other help or information.